We're Looking for Content Collaborators

We're Looking for Content Collaborators

👋 Howdy! Alligator.io is growing and we’re looking for collaborators to write some awesome front-end development posts (and some back-end stuff too!) This is for both if you’d like to contribute just one article on a topic that’s near and dear to you, or you’d like to contribute multiple articles over time.

Here are some of the topics options that we love to cover:

  • React + the React ecosystem (Redux, MobX, styled-components,…)
  • React Native
  • Preact
  • webpack
  • Angular + its ecosystem
  • Vue.js + its ecosystem
  • GraphQL
  • Modern Tooling
  • Modern JavaScript
  • Web Components
  • Polymer
  • Electron
  • TypeScript
  • RxJS
  • New Web APIs (payment request API, Web Bluetooth API, Web audio API,…)
  • Popular JavaScript libraries (Moment.js, Lodash, Immutable.js,…)
  • We’re also open to covering some back-end material (Node, Express, Koa, Hapi.js,…)

The Perks

Here are a few things that writing for Alligator.io can do for you:

  • 👨‍🎓 Help you learn new skills. There’s no better way to learn something than to teach it!
  • 📣 Get your name out there
  • 📝 Help with your writing skills
  • 🌎 Help the Open Source community in general by bringing more easily digestible learning material
  • 💬 Be part of our private Slack channel
  • 🐊 Get some cool Alligator.io stickers!

Check out our style guide here to get an idea about the workflow and the style of our posts.

A Few More Details

As you’ll notice from the style guide, posts are written in markdown. The workflow for submitting content is pretty simple. When you become a content collaborator, you’ll get invited to a private Github repo for post drafts. It’ll be as simple as submitting pull requests to that repo with your drafts. After you submit a draft as a PR, we’ll pretty much take care of the rest with the final reviewing, editing and setting up to go live.

Picking topics

Most topics are fair game, as long as it’s not covered already on the site and that it’s not about something that we don’t cover (sorry, no Python, C#, Go or PHP).

If you have some specific topics you’d like to write about, great! If not, that’s perfectly Ok too. We can help with choosing some good ones. We also have Trello boards up for React/React Native, Vue and Angular topics that can help with picking out good topics and making sure there’s no duplication between collaborators.

Interested? Get in Touch!

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