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Posts about Workflow

Command-line Basics: Working with Directories

Learn how to work with directories from the command-line using commands like rmdir, rm, mv, cp, ls and tree.

Command-line Basics: Working with Files

Learn how to work with files from the command-line using commands like rm, mv, cp, cat, less, head and tail.

Command-line Basics: Creating Files and Directories

Learn how to create files and directories from the command-line using the touch, mkdir and echo commands. We'll go over some advanced tips to really speed things up.

Command-line Basics: Changing Directories

Learn how to quickly and efficiently change directories on the command-line (shell) using the cd command.

Awesome Free Tools For New Developers

Free and awesome tools for developers just starting out! Optimize your productivity with these free web-tools perfect for any project.

Corralling Monorepos with Yarn Workspaces

In this article you will learn how to use Yarn Workspaces to work with a multi-package monorepo.

Git Basics - Braving Branch Management

Learn how to use branches and merge code across branches using Git.

Git Basics - How to Commit & Collaborate

Saving changes with Git and pushing those changes to shared workspaces.

Git Basics - A Reintroduction to a Developer’s Best Friend

Why you should care about Version Control, and how to get it working for you.

Restart Your Node.js Apps Automatically Using nodemon

nodemon is a simple CLI utility that makes it easy to run your Node scripts, watch for file changes and restart the process automatically.

Speed Up Your npm Workflow With npx

Learn how to use the npx package, available since npm 5.2, to help execute local or external npm binaries.

Syndicating ESLint: Configure Once, Extend Everywhere

Publish your ideal linter config and use it in any project like a pro.

Visual Studio Code Keyboard Shortcuts Reference

A visual cheat sheet with some of the most useful key bindings for Visual Studio Code.

Zero Configuration Deployment with Surge, Now, and Glitch

Single command deployment. It's real. You have options.

Speed-Up Your Workflow With Bash Aliases

Typing the same commands over and over again? Use aliases! Learn how to set them up.

iOS Device Simulator for Mac

Easily test your website on simulated iOS devices using Apple's Simulator.

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