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Posts about TypeScript

Generics in TypeScript

Generics are a very powerful TypeScript feature. You can write dynamic, and reusable generic blocks of code for different types. Let's go over them in this post.

A Look at the instanceof Type Guard in TypeScript

An intro to the instanceof operator in TypeScript used as a type guard to get better code warnings and IntelliSense.

Introduction to the typeof Type Guard in TypeScript

How to use the typeof operator in TypeScript as a type guard that can warn you when calling methods that don't exist on the type & give you extra IntelliSense.

Module Augmentation in TypeScript

A demonstration of the creation and usage of TypeScript module augmentation, which allows us to extend the functionality of other modules.

TypeScript Enum Declaration and Merging

Here's a short post explaining how to create and merge Enums in TypeScript.

Interface Declaration Merging in TypeScript

A post that shows how to go about creating and using TypeScript declaration merging for interfaces, and why it's useful.

Polymorphic this Type in TypeScript

A short post on how to create and use the polymorphic this type in TypeScript.

Type Aliases in TypeScript

A short post on creating and using TypeScript type aliases.

TypeScript Mixins

Here's a short primer on creating and using Mixins in TypeScript.

TypeScript Tuples

Here's a short post where you'll learn about creating and using tuples in TypeScript and understand their benefit.

Benefits of Using TypeScript

Let's go over some of the benefits of using TypeScript instead of vanilla JavaScript for your next project.

Running TypeScript Scripts With Ease with ts-node

In this article you will learn how to run TypeScript scripts without the hassle of manually transpiling.

Setting Up a New TypeScript Project

Learn how to setup TypeScript in a new project with a base tsconfig configuration and tslint for linting.

Introduction to Enums in TypeScript

See how to use enums to define collections with a numeric base in TypeScript.

Introduction to Interfaces in TypeScript

Learn how to declare interfaces in TypeScript and create customized type checking.

Object Rest and Spread in TypeScript

A new feature since TypeScript 2.1, object rest and spread allows you to make copies, merge and destructure objects.

String Literal Types in TypeScript

String literal types allow you to define types that accept only specific strings. This way, you can limit the correct value of variable to precise strings.

Union Types in TypeScript

Union types in TypeScript allow you to describe values that can be of more than one type.

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