SVG Resources

Where to get started with SVG and our curated list of resources

Start here

On the web

  • Sara Soueidan - Sheโ€™s a master and youโ€™ll learn tons from her.
  • Codrops - They publish the most amazing tutorials and examples.
  • CSS-Tricks - Chris Coyier has a ton of content on SVG.

Videos and screencasts

Creating SVGs

  • Adobe Illustrator - What we like to use. Not perfect for SVGs, but hopefully itโ€™ll get better with time.
  • Sketch - Another popular tool.
  • InkScape - An Open Source vector graghic editor. Your mileage may vary.


Animating and manipulating SVG


  • SVG Porn - Collection of awesome SVG logos

Books and references

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