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Data and analytics drive so much of what savvy entrepreneurs and business owners do online today, and for good reason.

We currently have access to more information and more data than ever before. Strategic and forward-thinking entrepreneurs recognize the power all this data provides, particularly when it comes to optimizing their operations and their online platform, and no data points go overlooked by these professionals.

Designers and developers are also taking advantage of data and analytics to custom tailor an online experience to particular visitors in a way that wasn’t possible previously.

With a couple of data points – like geolocation information, for example – an entire website can be reconfigured on the fly (and on the back end) to better accommodate individuals that may be located halfway around the world.

Languages can be changed, content can be changed, and other web elements can be swapped out depending on this geolocation data and the entire experience can be configured from top to bottom to match each visitors location.

This is game-changing stuff and IP Geolocation APIs like ipStack are making it possible.

Where Exactly Are My Web Visitors Coming From, Anyway?

Believe it or not, the overwhelming majority of website and web platform owners do not always have a firm grasp on where their visitors are located on the globe – and the overall web experience for these global visitors suffers because of it.

By using a tool like ipStack to better understand where these people are located, the languages they are most likely to speak, and a whole host of other details about them demographically that can inform their web experience you can curate your platform for these visitors while at the same time serving those from other locales around the world – all seamlessly and without anyone being the wiser for it.

What is IP geolocation Data?

Using the individual and unique IP addresses that “touch” your website, a tool like ipStack can figure out (with a high degree of accuracy) almost exactly where the device accessing your website is located on the planet.

With the help of this toolset, you’ll be provided with a whole host of data points that can be used in a variety of different ways, data points that include:

  • The IP address itself
  • The hostname of the IP address
  • The continent code and country
  • The region code, city, and ZIP Code information

… And you can even get latitude and longitude details (amongst others) almost instantly when you have the ipStack API tied into your online platform.

Again, this data on its own may not be all that useful (though it can be pretty fun just to have a look at where your visitors are coming from). But when you use it in conjunction with other modern web technologies that allow you to leverage this data and information to inform the way that your web platform is displayed to individual users that may be located at all corners of the globe is where it really shines.

Think of the ipStack as a harvester of this information, a collector of data that you can then maximize with a host of other tools in a variety of different ways.

Why use ipStack?

A free geolocation tool, the ipStack toolset effortlessly integrates into the back end of your sites but can also be displayed on the front end as well if you’re looking to share this kind of information with your web visitors (which you may be interested in doing for a variety of different reasons).

Right out of the gate, ipStack is a popular choice because it provides for 10,000 API requests per month for absolutely nothing – 100% free of charge, and you can begin using it straight away.

Secondly, ipStack offers unparalleled speed in this department and also has a 100% uptime record. There aren’t a lot of other IP/geolocation API platforms out there that have this kind of background.

The ipStack API also provides quite a few other data points that free or open-source platforms like this API don’t usually include. We are talking about specific location data points (including popular languages, country flag information, calling code details, time zone, popular currency options, and that only begins to scratch the surface of the extra points you’ll be able to leverage with ipStack.

A security module is baked right into this platform as well. You will be able to quickly assess risks and threats that may originate from a particular range of IP addresses before they can attack your site or platform. You’ll also get information about proxy details, crawler details, and threat level and threat type data points that may not be available elsewhere.

At the end of the day, this is a powerful geolocation tool that you can start using 100% free of charge – a tool that strategic, savvy, and forward thinking web developers, designers, and marketers shouldn’t go without.

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