Sass Lists

Lists in Sass are very simply a series of items stored within a variable. Using a list enables you to keep words or keywords together. You can then access any of these items using the nth() function.

Lists can be delimited by either spaces or commas, and list items can either be unquoted, wrapped in single ' or double quotes ". (Note: if you do wrap them in quotes you'll need to use the unquote() function to remove them:

$colours: red green blue;
$padding: '10px', '20px', '30px';
$border: "solid" "dotted";

// nth takes the list name as 1st param
// and list item as the 2nd
div {
  background: nth($colours, 3);
  padding: nth($padding, 2); // "20px"
  border: 2px unquote(nth($border, 1));

Accessing each of the properties by remembering their position is not very efficient. If you wish to group similar variables (for example colours) then Sass Maps are better suited for this. Lists can be extremely useful when using Sass Loops.

Author: Mike Street

Mike Street

Mike is a front-end developer for Brighton agency Liquid Light. When not writing copious amounts of CSS he can be found cycling with around Sussex or making an arduino blink.

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