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A Brief Introduction to Expo

Want to get started with React Native and Expo, but don't know where to start? This article should be a good starting place. We'll be building a simple weather app.

Introduction to React Hooks

Learn about Hooks, an upcoming feature of React that has a lot of people excited about. We'll look especially as the useState and useEffect hooks.

High Level Introduction to React Static

React Static allows you to build a single-page app (spa) while still taking advantage of the super powers that static sites offer.

Authentication in a React Native App Using AWS Amplify

Here's our introduction to using AWS Mobile Hub and Amplify to provide authentication in a React Native app.

Categorizing Components Into Smart & Dumb Components, in React

How dividing components into smart and dumb (container and presentational) components provides organization, saves time and improves your React apps.

Skeleton screens with React and React Native ☠

Learn how to craft a modern experience for web and mobile in React or React Native using skeleton screens.

Payments with Stripe Checkout and React

How to use react-stripe-checkout to accept credit card payments in a React app using Stripe Checkout.

What's New in React v16.6

With React v16.6 just out, let's go over some of the new features like React.lazy(), Suspense, React.memo(), contextType and getDerivedStateFromError.

Tear-Free Forms with React and Formik

In this article you will learn how to easily build forms with React and Formik.

Styling Components with React Fela

In this article you will learn how to style your React components with React Fela.

Using Geolocation in React Native

Understand how to access Permissions and use Geolocation data in your React Native projects.

Rapid Prototyping Made Easy with React PowerPlug

In this article you will learn how to rapid prototype stateful components with the help of React PowerPlug.

Up and Running With Reakit

Fast lane introduction to the Reakit component library for React.

Beautiful Charts and Graphs with React and Victory

In this article you will learn how create beautiful charts and graphs in React using the Victory components.

Crafting Beautiful UIs in React Using Ant Design

In this post we'll build a basic todo application in React using the Ant Design UI library.

Morphing UI Transitions with React Morph

In this article you will learn how to create morphing UI transitions in React apps using react-morph.

Building a Sidebar Component in React with react-burger-menu

In this post you'll learn how to use the react-burger-menu library to create a nice sidebar in a React application.

Easy State Management with React Values

In this article you will learn about how to easily manage component state with the react-values library.

Building an Autocomplete Component in React

In this article you will learn how to build an autocomplete component in React using only local state and some simple event handlers.

A Brief Introduction to JSX

Let's have a look at JSX, a langage extension for JavaScript that makes it easy to write React UI logic in a familiar HTML-like syntax.

Use Native Icons in React Native

Use per-platform native icons in your React Native apps using react-native-vector-icons.

Styling React with Emotion

In this article you will learn how to style components in React using the emotion CSS-in-JS library.

Building a Landing Page in React Native Using Flexbox

Here's a quick guide on how to use flexbox styling in your React Native apps to create interesting layouts.

Routing with React Navigation in React Native

A brief introduction to routing using the React Navigation library for React Native.

Red Hot Form Validation for React Using calidation

In this article you will learn how to implement form validation using the calidation library in React.

Linting React Using ESLint with Create React App

Getting started with a linter using Create React App, and how to configure it to meet your project needs.

Custom Inputs in React Native

In this short post you'll learn how to build your own custom text input and select form elements in React Native.

A Roadmap to Becoming a Better React Native Developer in 2018 & Beyond

Just getting started with React Native and confused at how to get started with learning everything? This guide will point you towards some useful resources.

Implementing Infinite Scroll Into a React Component

In this article you will learn how to implement infinite scrolling using React using nothing but component state and an onscroll event handler.

Change Soft Input Mode in React Native Android

Check out how to control the behavior of the screen when the keyboard is opened in Android on a React Native app.

Building an Accordion Component with React

In this article you will learn how to build an Accordion (show/hide) component in React.

Using Font Awesome 5 in React

Building snazzy forms in React using SVG icons from Font Awesome 5. This is part 2 of a series on building forms using Reactstrap.

Testing React / Redux Apps with Jest & Enzyme - Part 4: Testing Redux Reducers

In this 4th part of a series on testing React/Redux apps we'll take a look at testing your app's reducers.

Google Analytics on your React/Redux App with Redux Beacon

Tracking page views, events, or any Redux action in Google Analytics with the help of Redux Beacon, an utility that helps integrate analytics in a Redux app.

Getting Started with React Native and Expo

An introduction to React Native and Expo to create native Android and iOS apps using the power of JavaScript and React.

Drag and Drop File Uploads in React with react-dropzone

In this article you will learn how to use react-dropzone with React to create a nice drag & drop UI for file upload.

Fancy Forms in React with Reactstrap

Highlighting the benefits of using Reactstrap, a library of components based on Bootstrap 4, for forms in React apps.

Using Derived State in React

In this post you'll learn how to use the new getDerivedStateFromProps method in your React components.

Testing React / Redux Apps with Jest & Enzyme - Part 3: Testing Redux Actions

Part three of four-part series that shows you how to test your React / Redux applications. In this installment we'll see about testing Redux actions.

Building a Tabs Component with React

In this article you will learn how to build a simple Tabs component in React.

Add i18n Yourself in a React and Redux App

Learn how you can build a i18n module for React by from scratch without any external library dependencies.

Elegant UX in React with Material-UI

An intro to Material-UI for React, a beautiful and themable component library based on Google's design spec.

Connecting Redux to React Using React Redux

Redux is an independent library from React, but it's really easy to connect the two together, thanks to the React Redux bindings.

Using React Router 4 with Server-Side Rendering

A look at configuring React Router v4 to work with an Express server-side rendering setup. You'll see how to make use of StaticRouter and matchPath, among others.

Testing React / Redux Apps with Jest & Enzyme - Part 2: Testing React Components

Second part in a series showing how to test React apps using Jest and Enzyme. In this part, we'll go over how to test React components.

Using "window" the React Way with react-fns

Use HTML5 APIs in your React apps using a declarative idiom with the react-fns utility library.

Searchable, Async Dropdowns in React Using React-Select

An introduction to React Select v2, a sleek, modern dropdown component for React.

Simple Authorization in React

Tutorial on how to build a simple role-based authorization mechanism yourself for a React app.

Managing What’s in Your Head Using React Helmet

Here's a quick overview of using the React Helmet component to dynamically set header tags for a React app.

An Introduction to React Server-Side Rendering

In this post we'll go over the basic setup to server-side render a simple React app created using create-react-app.

React Devtools: A Brief Introduction

Learn how to spend less time debugging your apps and more time developing using the React Devtools.

Testing React / Redux Apps with Jest & Enzyme - Part 1: Installation & Setup

First of a four-part series that shows you how to test your React / Redux applications using Jest & Enzyme.

A Quick Intro to React's Higher-Order Components

An introduction to higher-order component classes and functions in React as well as what they are used for.

Styling React Components Using glamorous

glamorous is a flavor of CSS-in-JS. In this post, you'll see how you can style your components with it.

Understanding the React Context API

React 16.3 introduced a new context API that makes it easy to share data between multiple components of the component tree. Here's a quick tutorial on how to use it.

Easy State Management in React Using Unstated

Unstated is a new library that makes state management in React dead simple. You can reach for it when you need a little more than setState.

Code Splitting in React Using React Loadable

Learn how to use the React Loadable library to lazily load chunks of code when needed in the app.

Returning Multiple Children Using React Fragments

React 16.2 introduced a new component, Fragment, to give us an easy way to return multiple children in a component's render method. See how it's used in this post.

Animations in React Using React Motion

A quick introduction to React Motion, its Motion component and the spring function to create simple animations.

An Easy Way to Get Started with the MERN Stack

In this post we're exploring how to setup an app using Mongo, React, Redux and Express.

Intro to GraphQL in React Using React Apollo & Apollo Boost

A quick tutorial to learn how to use React Apollo and Apollo Boost to interact with a GraphQL server.

Implementing a Simple Modal Component in React

A quick guide to help you learn how to build a barebones Modal component in React.

Theming styled-components

This tutorial explains how to create themes to handle reusable styles with styled-components in React.

styled-components, the Modern Way to Handle CSS in React

In this post you'll find an introduction to styled-components and the benefits they can give to your React app.

CSS in React

Explore the four most common ways of using CSS inside React JS Components: global CSS, JavaScript stylesheets, modular stylesheets and stylized components.

Using the New Portal Feature in React

Demonstration of how to use the new portal feature in React to help render DOM nodes outside a parent component.

I18n with React and i18next

A brief introduction to internationalizing a React app using i18next.

Getting Started with Webpack + React

A short guide on using Webpack to bundle dependencies with code and deploy a React application.

A New Way to Handle Events in React

Skip boilerplate code and learn how to write more concise event handlers for your React code.

CSS-in-JS Roundup: Styling React Components

Compare and contrast the top CSS-in-JS libraries for styling your React and React Native projects.

Creating Compositional Components in React With this.props.children

Gain a better understanding of the unique perks of this.props.children.

React Native UI Toolkit Roundup

Compare and contrast the top React Native UI Toolkits to help bootstrap your next React Native project.

Gatsby - Not Yo' Mama's Static Site Generator

Gatsby, a React-based static-site generator, combines front-end best-practices with GraphQL-like data sources.

Atomic SetState Updates in React

Learn how to manage React state with functional precision

Using index.js for Fun and Public Interfaces

Use an index.js file in the root of your React module folders to create public interfaces

Using Enums in Flow

A guide to using string Enums in Flow, even if they don't exist in native JavaScript.

Mapping Routes in React Router

A guide to mapping data to routes in React Router 4.

React Router: Optional Parameters

An overview of using optional parameters in React Router 4.

React Router Parameters

An overview of using parameters with React Router 4.

React Router Overview

In this brief introduction to React Router 4 you'll see how to define basic routes as well as link to specific routes.

React Snapshot Testing

An overview of snapshot testing for React components using the Jest testing framework.

Functional Component Overview in React

Learn how to create functional components in React.

Introduction to the React Ref System

An overview of refs in React with sample use cases.

Component Lifecycle Functions in React

An overview of the lifecycle functions available to class components for React apps.

Class Component Overview in React

Learn how to create class components in React as well as using props and lifecycle hooks.

React.PropTypes Is Dead, Long Live PropTypes

How to stop worrying and love the new prop-types module.

Starting Off Strong with React and Next.js

Get up and running in a snap with Next.js and never look back

Getting Comfortable with Create React App

Learning to let go with Create React App. Initialize new React projects with just one command and without all the usual setup of build tools.

Static Type Checking With Flow

Getting type safe is easy with Facebook's Flow. This short intro will help you get comfortable with Flow's usage.

Working With Types Using React.PropType

A gentle introduction to static type checking using React's built-in PropType validation tools.

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