Ruby on Rails Resources

Where to get started with Ruby on Rails and our curated list of resources

Installing Ruby on Rails

The easiest way to install everything needed is by going to the Install Rails website. Alternatively, you can also follow these instructions from the official Rails website.

Getting started

  • Rails tutorial (Great book and a set of screencasts is also available)
  • One Month Rails (Great way to get started and get creating right away)
  • Try Ruby (Awesome interactive tool put together by Code School to learn the basics of Ruby)



  • GitHub - You’ll need a place to check-in your code (think backups and revision control) and GitHub is the place to do that.
  • Bootstrap - The most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework out there. You’ll use Bootstrap to build the UI of your apps.
  • MailGun - A tool to use for when you’ve got emails to send from your app.
  • New Relic - Helpful tool in production to diagnose issues and slow downs.
  • BugSnag - Get app crashes in production reported to you using that tool.


  • Ruby gems - A place to search all sorts of Ruby gems.
  • Devise - Favorite gem to add authentication to your application.
  • CarrierWave - Great gem for file uploads in your apps.

Text editors

  • Sublime Text - What most Rail developers like to work with nowadays
  • Atom - The new kid on the block

Hosting and deployment

I recommend Heroku. The platform is designed for Rails applications and will make your life much easier.


Videos and screencasts

Ruby specific resources

Here are our favorite resources to learn Ruby specifically. There’s an eternal war on wether you should learn Ruby first and then get onto learning Ruby on Rails. Many purists will tell you that you absolutely have to learn Ruby first, but we think that actually starting to build things in Ruby on Rails right away will motivate you to keep at it and you’ll need what you need about Ruby along the way.

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