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Posts About Ionic

Ionic, Capacitor and Android Studio

A quick guide to using Ionic with Capacitor in Android Studio. For this example we'll be building a simple Ionic React app.

Ionic 4, React, and AWS Amplify

How to deploy your Ionic 4 React app with AWS Amplify, a popular platform for mobile or web apps.

Troubleshooting Ionic Bugs

A short tutorial how to troubleshoot Ionic bugs on native iOS and Android devices from the browser.

Getting Location Data with Ionic 4 and Capacitor

A short tutorial about getting location data in an Ionic 4 project using Capacitor.

How To Set Up Firebase in Ionic 4 and Angular

Here's a short post with the code you need to start a new Firebase project within your Ionic 4 apps built with Angular.

Ionic 4: Live On-Device Testing with Ionic DevApp

See how you can quickly and easily run and debug your Ionic apps without having your phone connected to your computer and using Ionic DevApp.

Ionic 4.1 and React: Navigation

Curious about routing and navigation for your Ionic/React app? This article has got you covered with how to using React Router inside an Ionic 4 app.

Using Angular Routing in Ionic 4

Here's how to go about implementing Angular routing with lazy-loaded routes within an Ionic 4 app.

Ionic 4.1 & Vue.js: Skeleton Text

Let's see how we can go about creating a skeleton UI in an Ionic 4.1 app to improve the UX of our app. For this example we'll build our Ionic app with Vue.js.

Ionic 4 and Angular: Tabs

Let's dive into how to build a tabbed interface for your mobile or web app using Ionic 4 and Angular.

Capacitor: Running a Web App on Mobile

Capacitor is a great way to take your JavaScript apps and get them running on iOS or Android. Let's use a React and Ionic app and push it to a mobile device!

Ionic 4 and React

The latest in Ionic 4 releases incorporates React compatibility. Let's create an Ionic app using React and check it out!

Creating PWAs with Ionic 4

Using @angular/PWA and Firebase Hosting to create a sustainable Ionic 4 progressive web app (PWA).

Using Events in Ionic to Pass Data & Messages Between Pages

In this post we go over how to use the event pub-sub system in Ionic to pass data back to a page.

Upload files in Ionic with AngularFire2

Ionic file uploads with Firebase Storage and AngularFire2 as well as Ionic Native's camera plugin.

Split Pane in Ionic

Create a split pane layout for apps that are viewed on desktops and larger tablets with the help of the new Ionic split pane component.

Using the Grid System in Ionic 2

You can create just about any layout in your Ionic apps with the help of the built-in grid system. Here's a quick primer on it.

Modals in Ionic 2

Modals are easy with Ionic 2. Here's a quick breakdown of how to implement them.

Creating an Intro Slider for Your Ionic 2 App

Want to create intro slides for your Ionic app? It's easy with the ion-slides component.

Quick Ionic 2 CLI Reference

The Ionic 2 CLI makes it easy to run and build your apps as well as create pages and providers. Get a quick reference to the CLI here.

Using Storage in Ionic 2+

Storage in Ionic allows you to easily save key/value pairs for future use. See how it works here.

Youtube Video Player in Ionic 2 With Ionic Native

Using the Ionic Native's YoutubeVideoPlayer, see how to easily implement a player in your Ionic 2 apps to play Youtube videos.

Social Sharing in Ionic 2 With Ionic Native

Using the Ionic Native's Social Sharing, see how to easily implement sharing in your Ionic 2 apps.

Implementing Pulldown Refresh Functionality in Ionic 2

See how to implement a refresher in your Ionic 2 apps.

Implementing Toasts in Ionic 2 With ToastController

Use ToastController to present toast notifications in your Ionic 2 apps.

Implementing a Loading Indicator in Ionic 2

Use LoadingController to present a loading indicator in your apps in Ionic 2.

Navigating & Passing Data Between Pages in Ionic 2

Use NavController and NavParams to navigate and send data to pages in Ionic 2.

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