HTML5 Time Element

<time> allows to markup date and/or time information in a format that’s easy to understand to both humans and machines. For example, you if you want to markup time that’s already in a machine-readable format, you use <time> like this:

  Meet me at <time>11:59</time> at the dock.


… Or, if the date/time information is not machine-readable, you’d mark it up like this with the datetime attribute:

  Last updated
  <time datetime="2015-11-03">
    November 3rd 2015
The value for the *datetime* attribute can be in one of the following formats: * *date*: YYYY-MM-DD * *datetime* (with time zone): YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.Z (e.g.: 2016-06-30T03:37:56-0800) * *datetime-local* (no time zone): YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss * *time*: hh:mm:ss * *month*: YYYY-MM
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