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Posts About GraphQL

Prisma with Node.js - Part 2: Prisma Bindings

Learn how to create Prisma bindings to use a Prisma API inside Node.js and make the whole process a breeze.

Prisma with Node.js - Part 1: Setup

Learn how to integrate a Prisma API inside a Node.js base GraphQL server.

Setting Up Prisma with Heroku and a Postgres Database

Learn how to create a GraphQL API using Prisma connected to a Postgres database hosted on Heroku.

Mutations and Subscriptions in GraphQL

Learn how to set up an advanced GraphQL APIs with Mutations and Subscriptions using the graphql-yoga Node.js library.

Schemas and Resolvers in GraphQL

Learn how to set up a basic GraphQL API with schemas and resolvers using graphql-yoga and nodemon.

A GraphQL SDL Reference

Here's a quick and dirty reference for the GraphQL Schema Definition Language (SDL), which gives us a succinct syntax to define your GraphQL schemas.

Building a Simple Express-based GraphQL Server Using graphql-yoga

Learn how to bootstrap a simple GraqhQL server in minutes using Graphcool's graphql-yoga.

Permissions in Graphcool

Exploring how to define fine-grained permissions for a GraphQL backend using the Graphcool framework's permission system.

Hook, Subscription & Resolver Functions With Graphcool

A brief look at the different types of functions that can be defined for a GraphQL API using the Graphcool Framework.

Getting Started With the Graphcool Framework

Get started with your first Graphcool GraphQL service in no time with a few commands and simple configuration.

Introspection Queries With GraphQL

GraphQL being a typed query language, you can query the server for the different fields and types.

An Introduction to GraphQL Queries

Learn the basic syntax of GraphQL queries, from variables to inline fragments.

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