Curated List of CSS Resources

On the web

Most web design websites focus heavily on CSS. Smashing Magazine and A List Apart are two great ones.

๐ŸŠ recommends

Try Treehouse

Videos and screencasts

Anything by Lea Verou:


Front-end dev tools

These are not just CSS tools, but tools that are helpful in general for front-end stuff (HTML, CSS, SVG, JS,โ€ฆ):

  • Grunt - The JavaScript task runner
  • Yeoman - The webโ€™s scaffolding tool
  • Bower - A package manager
  • Gulp - An alternative to Grunt


  • CSS Secrets by Lea Verou - This book is the bomb. Just get it already!

Sass stuff

Youโ€™re taking it to the next level and taking on Sass to write your CSS? Hereโ€™s a few good pointers to get started:

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