William Le

William Le

Front-end developer working in ReactJS. Excited about web technologies, and building “insanely great” products. I’m here to share stuff I’m learning!

William's Posts

Adding Sound FX to Your React Apps

Learn how to use the UIfx library to employ sound effects for your React web apps.

Extracting Dominant Colors From Images in React Using react-palette

Here's how to get colors from an image in React using an npm package called react-palette.

How to Craft Animations in React with React Simple Animate

Using "react-simple-animate", learn how to create sophisticated animations using simple APIs

Super Clean, Refactor-Friendly "import" statements in React

Use "absolute imports" with Create React App 3 to get super clean, refactor-friendly import statements.

Take a Tour: New Features in Create React App v3

Here's a handy guide to get up-to-speed with the latest release of Create React App, version 3.

Learn How to Build Responsive Websites in React Without CSS

Build responsive websites in React without using CSS @media queries. It's a lot easier than you think.

Battle of the Routers: Reach Router vs React Router

Let's see how Reach Router compares with React Router by looking at side-by-side code snippets.

Getting 60fps Animations in React

Some tips and tricks for React.js developers to create smooth, fast and fluid 60fps animations.

Using "window" the React Way with react-fns

Use HTML5 APIs in your React apps using a declarative idiom with the react-fns utility library.

A New Way to Handle Events in React

Skip boilerplate code and learn how to write more concise event handlers for your React code.

Creating Compositional Components in React With this.props.children

Gain a better understanding of the unique perks of this.props.children.

Atomic SetState Updates in React

Learn how to manage React state with functional precision

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