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William Le

Front-end developer working in ReactJS. Excited about web technologies, and building “insanely great” products. I’m here to share stuff I’m learning!

William's Posts

What is the preventDefault Event Method in JavaScript?

Learn about the all-powerful preventDefault method available on event objects in JavaScript.

A Simple Way to Animate Scrolling Effects in JavaScript

Did you know there's a native way to animate scrolling with JavaScript? Let's go over how it's done in this post.

react-notifications-component, a Powerful React Notifications Library

The react-notifications-component React component library will save you tons of time with notifications inside of your React apps.

What's the Difference Between var, let and const in JavaScript?

Learn how and when to use the const, let or var variable keywords in JavaScript and some of the differences between them.

The Difference Between Promise.all and Promise.race in JavaScript

In this short post we take a look at 2 useful methods available on the JavaScript Promise object: Promise.all and Promise.race.

Reasons Why You Should Never Use eval() in JavaScript

You may have never heard of the eval function in JavaScript, and that's probably for a good reason! It should almost never be used and here we explain why.

A Guide for Refs in React

Here's how to use the createRef method or the useRef hook to interact with DOM nodes directly in your React apps.

Understanding the JavaScript typeof Operator

In this post you'll learn about the JavaScript typeof operator; what it can be used for and how to use it.

The New globalThis JavaScript Property

Learn about globalThis, a new cross-platform API for interacting with the global object in JavaScript.

Using getBoundingClientRect to Get an Element's Size and Position

getBoundingClientRect is part of the JavaScript DOM API and allows to get various data about the size/position of elements.

offsetWidth and offsetHeight in JavaScript

Learn how to use offsetWidth and offsetHeight in JavaScript to calculate the pixel dimension of elements.

clientWidth and clientHeight in JavaScript

Learn how to use clientWidth and clientHeight in JavaScript to calculate the pixel dimension of elements.

Back to Basics: Event Handling in React

In this article we cover handling events for React apps with some of the popular events like click and text input.

Back to Basic: What are Props in React and How to They Work?

Let's remove the mystique behind what React props are: they're just function arguments!

An Easy Way to Know When React Components Enter the Browser Viewport

Use the React Visibility Sensor library to determine when React components have entered the viewport.

Progressive Enhancements for Loading Images Using React Image

You can't always tell when an image will fail, but you can prepare for it, thanks to the React Image library for React apps!

React Icons Gets You Access to Hundreds of Open Source Icons

Font Awesome and Material Design icons are just some of the icon libraries included with React Icons, a library for icons in your React apps.

Back to Basics: CSS Transitions for Simple Animations

CSS isn't just for creating static designs. Make your designs come to life with CSS transitions!

In-Depth Look at How Events Propagate in JavaScript

Event propagation is a tricky subject in JavaScript. Let's look at a few demos to gain a better understanding of how it all works.

Optimizing the switch Statement in JavaScript

Learn how to get the most out of the JavaScript switch statement.

Using Lightboxes to Create Stunning Image Galleries in React

Learn how to use the fslightbox-react package to create sleek image galleries in your React apps.

Practical Guide to Using CSS Position Relative & Absolute

Learn practical tips for using position: relative and position: absolute in CSS to create engaging visual elements.

Understanding CSS Float

Learn how to use CSS float positioning, as well as some of the pitfalls when using it for layouts on the web.

Understanding the res Object in Express.js

The res object in Express.js lets you send and control the HTTP response that you send back over the network. Let's explore how res works.

Understanding the req Object in Express.js

Learn about one of the most ubiquitous variables in Express.js: req, the object that contains all the information you need about the incoming request.

How to Use __dirname in Node.js

Learn about one of Node.js' oldest tools for getting the location of your files: the __dirname variable.

Adding Sound FX to Your React Apps

Learn how to use the UIfx library to employ sound effects for your React web apps.

Extracting Dominant Colors From Images in React Using react-palette

Here's how to get colors from an image in React using an npm package called react-palette.

How to Craft Animations in React with React Simple Animate

Using "react-simple-animate", learn how to create sophisticated animations using simple APIs

Super Clean, Refactor-Friendly Import Statements in React

Use absolute imports with Create React App 3 to get super clean, refactor-friendly import statements.

Take a Tour: New Features in Create React App v3

Here's a handy guide to get up-to-speed with the latest release of Create React App, version 3.

Learn How to Build Responsive Websites in React Without CSS

Build responsive websites in React without using CSS @media queries. It's a lot easier than you think.

Battle of the Routers: Reach Router vs React Router

Let's see how Reach Router compares with React Router by looking at side-by-side code snippets.

Getting 60fps Animations in React

Some tips and tricks for React.js developers to create smooth, fast and fluid 60fps animations.

Using "window" the React Way with react-fns

Use HTML5 APIs in your React apps using a declarative idiom with the react-fns utility library.

A New Way to Handle Events in React

Skip boilerplate code and learn how to write more concise event handlers for your React code.

Creating Compositional Components in React With this.props.children

Gain a better understanding of the unique perks of this.props.children.

Atomic SetState Updates in React

Learn how to manage React state with functional precision

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