Paul Halliday

Paul Halliday

Paul Halliday is a software developer that is passionate about learning through teaching. His courses have over 20,000 students and the content ranges from cross platform mobile applications to web applications and VR experiences.

Paul's Posts

HTTP Requests with Flutter

HTTP requests are at the core of most web and mobile apps. Let look at how to setup our Flutter apps to make HTTP requests using the flutter_http plugin.

Launch Native URL Schemes in Flutter with the url_launcher Plugin

Learn how to open and integrate other native applications on a device from within your Flutter apps.

Automatically Generate Flutter App Icons with flutter_launcher_icons

Manually updating your Flutter application icons is a thing of the past with the flutter_launcher_icons plugin.

Flutter: Creating Bar Charts with charts_flutter

A simple guide on using the charts_flutter library inside your Flutter apps to create bar charts.

Share Content with the Flutter Share Plugin

Learn how to use the share plugin in Flutter to take advantage of the native platform share features inside your mobile apps.

Widget Communication with Flutter using VoidCallback and Function(x)

Want to have better widget separation? Learn how to communicate between two widgets using Flutter and Dart.

How to setup Firebase with Flutter for iOS and Android Apps

In this article we'll look at how to set up Firebase with our Flutter apps to take advantage of auth, databases, analytics, and more.

Flutter: Getting a User's Location with the Geolocator Plugin

A simple guide on how to use the Geolocator plugin in Flutter to get the current latitude and longitude coordinates, and even get a placemark address.

Flutter: How to Use the WebView Plugin

A look at how you can easily embed web pages inside your Flutter mobile apps using the WebView plugin.

Firebase Cloud Functions: Schedule Reoccurring Functions Natively

The latest feature added to the Firebase SDK makes it super easy to run scheduled tasks. We look at how to get started with this inside of this article!

Your First Flutter App: Hello World

Take your first steps with using the Flutter SDK, a framework to build native iOS and Android apps, with a simple Hello World application.

Flutter: How to Use Gradients and the GradientAppBar Plugin

Here's a quick tutorial on how to work with gradients in Flutter and how to make use of the GradientAppBar plugin.

Angular: Performance Analysis with webpack Bundle Analyzer

Here's how to use the webpack-bundle-analyzer tool to visualize the final bundle of a built Angular app to see where the bulk of the code comes from.

Angular CLI: Custom webpack Config

Want more flexibility with webpack configuration for your Angular apps? This article covers how to create a custom webpack config inside an Angular project.

Continuous Deployment with Angular, Travis CI and Firebase Hosting

When it comes time to deploy an Angular app to production, Firebase hosting is a great option. Plus, you can add Travis CI on top to automate the builds!

How to use Internationalization (i18n) in Angular

Here's an article on how to make use of the built-in internationalization (i18n) features in Angular 7+.

How to use Axios with JavaScript

Axios is a popular library to make Ajax requests. It's often used with Vue or React, but can be used just as well with vanilla JavaScript, as you'll see.

Ionic 4: Live On-Device Testing with Ionic DevApp

See how you can quickly and easily run and debug your Ionic apps without having your phone connected to your computer and using Ionic DevApp.

Ionic 4.1 and React: Navigation

Curious about routing and navigation for your Ionic/React app? This article has got you covered with how to using React Router inside an Ionic 4 app.

A Quick Introduction to Hyperapp

Want to try out a different and lightweight frontend JavaScript framework? Hypeapp is a tiny (1 kB) framework that you might want to explore!

Built-in Web Modules: How to Use KV Storage

This article introduces a proposed built-in web module, KV Storage, and looks at the differences compared to localStorage, as well as usage examples for both!

An introduction to the hapi Node.js Framework

Express isn't the only framework available to make powerful server-side applications on the Node.js ecosystem. In this post, we'll look at how to get up and running with hapi.js!

Understanding Switch Cases in JavaScript

A quick post to help you understand the syntax and mechanism of switch statements in JavaScript.

Ionic 4.1 & Vue.js: Skeleton Text

Let's see how we can go about creating a skeleton UI in an Ionic 4.1 app to improve the UX of our app. For this example we'll build our Ionic app with Vue.js.

API Development and Routing with Node.js and Express

Let's dive into how to create a REST API using Node.js and the Express framework. You'll see how routes are defined and used in Express.

Conditional Basics: Using If Statements in JavaScript

A look at conditional statements in JavaScript. You'll use conditionals all the time in your code, so it's worth spending the time to get the syntax down.

Getting Started with Animate.css

Let's explore how to use Animate.css, a library that makes it very easy to create fun CSS animations without all the usual hassle.

Introduction to React 360

Let's explore React 360 (aka React VR) and see how it can be used to create immersive 3D and virtual reality experiences on the web.

ReactXP: Building Cross Platform Apps

Let's have a look at ReactXP to build React apps that work on both mobile and on the web with the same codebase. We'll build a really simple app to demonstrate.

D3.js: Understanding Selections and Comparing with Vanilla JavaScript

Curious about selections in D3.js? Let's break the concept down. We look at how to get the same results with Vanilla JavaScript and then compare this with D3.

Ionic 4 and Angular: Tabs

Let's dive into how to build a tabbed interface for your mobile or web app using Ionic 4 and Angular.

Capacitor: Running a Web App on Mobile

Capacitor is a great way to take your JavaScript apps and get them running on iOS or Android. Let's use a React and Ionic app and push it to a mobile device!

Ionic 4 and React

The latest in Ionic 4 releases incorporates React compatibility. Let's create an Ionic app using React and check it out!

Using TypeScript with React

Let's go over how to use TypeScript with React functional or class-based components. In this post we also make use of the Parcel bundler to setup our project.

A Brief Introduction to Expo

Want to get started with React Native and Expo, but don't know where to start? This article should be a good starting place. We'll be building a simple weather app.

Testing Vue with Jest

In this post we're going over getting setup to test Vue applications using vue-test-utils and Jest.

How to use Vue.js with Electron and Vuex

Interested in developing Electron desktop apps using Vue and Vuex? This short article will get you up and running.

Using Axios with React

Axios is an easy to use HTTP client. Learn how to use it within your React applications.

Using Ionic 4 Components in Your Vue.js Apps

Interested in using Ionic components, but want to stick to Vue.js? Well it's now possible, thanks to Stencil!

Testing Angular Http Interceptors

Angular HttpInterceptors can be used to modify Http requests, this article looks at testing these implementations.

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