Joshua Hall

Joshua Hall

Self-taught programmer from the US and lead developer at his small web development agency, Dynamis Development. Committed to writing modern, clean, and efficient code for a UI no one wants to use ¯_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯.

Joshua's Posts

Binary Heaps and Priority Queues via JavaScript

Learn how to create one of the most common data structure for creating intelligent queues: binary heaps. We'll use JavaScript to go over the concepts.

Binary Search Trees Through JavaScript

Using JavaScript, you'll learn how to efficiently organize the values in your tree structures with binary search trees.

Tree Traversal via JavaScript

Using JavaScript, you'll learn some of the best techniques for searching though tree structures 🌲.

Exploring Trees via JavaScript

Using JavaScript, you'll get a conceptual overview of one of the most common data structures that you already deal with daily: trees 🌲.

Exploring Stacks and Queues via JavaScript

Learn the fundamentals of the most common abstract data types for building more complex data structures - stacks and queues.

Intro to Linked Lists via JavaScript - Part 2: Implementation

Learn the CRUD operations for creating and manipulating doubly-linked lists in JavaScript.

Intro to Linked Lists via JavaScript - Part 1: Overview

Get a birds eye view of one of the most popular alternatives to arrays: linked list. We'll use JavaScript as our programming language of choice to demonstrate.

Understanding Radix Sort Through JavaScript

Learn one of the oldest and most effective sorting algorithms: Radix Sort. We'll use JavaScript, but the concept itself is valid for any programming language.

Understanding Quick Sort via JavaScript

Using JavaScript, learn one of the most popular and professional sorting algorithms: quick sort.

Understanding Merge Sort Through JavaScript

Learn one of the more scalable sorting algorithms for working with large amounts of data: merge sort. Here we'll use JavaScript to illustrate the concepts.

What's new in ECMAScript 2020 (ES2020)

Get up to date on some of JavaScript's best proposals to be included in ES2020: Private Class Variables, Promise.allSettled, BigInt, Dynamic Import,...

Beginner Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript: Bubble, Selection & Insertion Sort

Using JavaScript, compare & contrast the three most popular beginner algorithms for sorting data: bubble sort, selection sort and insertion sort.

Linear Vs Binary Search via JavaScript

Explore how to search through your data in a fraction of the time with the Binary Search technique.

Understanding Recursion & Memoization via JavaScript

Get a grip on some of the most fundamental programming techniques for traversing data and running optimized algorithms: recursion and memoization.

Exploring JSF*ck

Explore JavaScript's type eccentricities by learning its most bizarre and impractical writing style: JSF*ck, which allows for only 6 symbols: !+[]()

Introduction to Apollo Boost

Run queries and mutation with your GraphQL backend from the client side using Apollo Boost. Here I show you how it can be done with vanilla JavaScript.

Understanding Big O Notation via JavaScript

Learn the most common terminology for understanding and managing algorithmic complexity, through JavaScript.

Pagination in Gatsby Using gatsby-awesome-pagination

Learn how to add a simple pagination system to a Gatsby site using the gatsby-awesome-pagination plugin.

Exploring TinaCMS with Gatsby

Improve your writing experience by adding TinaCMS, an in-browser GUI that gives you real-time editing capabilities, to your Gatsby website.

Using Pug and Sass in Flutter with flutter-view

Explore the flutter-view plugin to convert Pug or HTML and Sass or CSS into Dart code.

State Management in Gatsby using the wrapRootElement Hook

Here's an easy way to add a state management provider that wraps your whole Gatsby site using Gatsby's built-in wrapRootElement hook.

Deploying a Docker Application with AWS

In this short post you'll learn how to push a production-ready Docker app to AWS Beanstalk.

Introduction to Kubernetes

Get a clear conceptual overview of what Kubernetes is and why it's valuable.

Exploring the Chakra UI React Component Library

Learn the basics of creating modular, responsive, and accessible components for React using Chakra UI.

Working with Multiple Containers Using Docker Compose

Learn the basics of creating multi-container Docker services with Docker Compose.

Deploying a Prisma GraphQL API

Learn how to deploy your Prisma API with Prisma Cloud and Heroku.

Exploring Continuous Integration with CircleCI

Explore developing a production-grade workflow for a React app using continuous integration from CircleCI.

Introduction to Creating and Publishing Docker Images

Learn the basics for creating custom Docker images using a Dockerfile and how to publish them on DockerHub.

Introduction to Docker Containers

Learn the basics of creating, manipulating, and deleting Docker containers from the command line.

Introduction to Docker: Getting Started

Get familiar with the world of Docker, what it is, and why you should learn it.

Authentication in Prisma - Part 3: Validation

Learn how to use JSON Web tokens (JWTs) to lock down your Prisma GraphQL resolvers.

Authentication in Prisma - Part 2: JSON Web Tokens & Login

In part 2 of a 3-part series about authentication using Prisma I go over how to use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to enable users to login to your app.

Authentication in Prisma - Part 1: Setup

Learn how to secure your data against unauthorized users of your GraphQL apps using authentication in Prisma.

Exploring Directives in Prisma

Learn to use Prisma directives to modify and enhance your GraphQL schemas.

Prisma with Node.js - Part 2: Prisma Bindings

Learn how to create Prisma bindings to use a Prisma API inside Node.js and make the whole process a breeze.

Prisma with Node.js - Part 1: Setup

Learn how to integrate a Prisma API inside a Node.js base GraphQL server.

Managing State in Flutter

Learn how to pass and update account data between screens and widgets with the Flutter Provider.

Setting Up Prisma with Heroku and a Postgres Database

Learn how to create a GraphQL API using Prisma connected to a Postgres database hosted on Heroku.

Introduction to Mixins in Dart

Learn how to keep your Dart code DRY by using mixins.

Animations with the Canvas API - Part 3: Gravity and Dynamic Rendering

In this last part of our short series on creating animations using the JavaScript Canvas API we go over creating a gravity effect via a demo raindrop animation.

Working with Futures and Streams in Dart and Flutter

Learn different strategies for working with synchronous code in Dart in the context of a Flutter app.

Animations with the Canvas API - Part 2: Basic Collisions

Learn how to create more complex animations that contain collision effects using the JavaScript Canvas API.

Animations with the Canvas API - Part 1: Linear Motion

Learn how to create basic animations using the HTML Canvas element and the corresponding JavaScript API.

Introduction to Navigation in Flutter

Learn how to use Flutter's native routing system to navigate between the different screens of your mobile apps.

Basic Animations in Flutter

Learn how to create basic effects using Flutter's built in controller API. You'll learn about linear animations, curved animations, tweens and cross screens.

Using Themes in Flutter

Let's see how we can make use of themes inside of our Flutter apps using Material's built-in themes.

Tips for speeding Up Flutter Development

A few neat tricks to speed up your Flutter development workflow with the help of Visual Studio Code.

Creating a Basic Layout in Flutter

In this post we'll briefly look at how to create a basic Flutter app layout in Dart. A great post if you're just getting started with Flutter.

Creating Complex Animations in React Using react-spring

Here's a tutorial where I use react-spring and the help of the useSprings, useTrail and useChain hooks to create complex animations in React.

Intro to Animations in React Using React Spring

Learn how to create dynamic physics-based animations in your React apps using the react-spring spring-physics animation library.

Intro to Electron.js - Part 2: Todo App

In this post we'll be creating a basic todo list app desktop app for Windows, Mac or Linux using Electron.js.

Intro to Electron.js - Part 1: Setup

Get started using Electron.js to create your own native desktop applications.

Introduction to Tailwind CSS

Explore Tailwind CSS, a popular utility-based CSS library that's easy to learn, customizable and responsive.

Drawing Shapes with the JavaScript Canvas API

Learn the basics of rendering shapes with the HTML canvas element and the corresponding JavaScript API.

Introduction to Stripe Payments in Node.js Using Express

Learn the fundamentals of Stripe Payments using Node.js on the backend by building a simple donation app.

Mutations and Subscriptions in GraphQL

Learn how to set up an advanced GraphQL APIs with Mutations and Subscriptions using the graphql-yoga Node.js library.

Schemas and Resolvers in GraphQL

Learn how to set up a basic GraphQL API with schemas and resolvers using graphql-yoga and nodemon.

Introduction to Socket.IO: Building a Simple Chat App

In this post you'll learn the fundamentals of the Socket.IO realtime Node.js application framework by building a chat web app.

CRUD Operations with Mongoose and MongoDB Atlas

Learn How to Setup a Basic REST Api with Mongoose and the MongoDB Atlas Database.

How to Write HTML Quickly Using Emmet

Explore the Emmet plugin, an amazing tool for writing quick and effective HTML markup much faster.

An Introduction to the Pug Template Engine for Writing HTML

Explore the HTML equivalent of what Sass is to CSS with Pug: a clean and simple alternative template engine to write HTML.

Create Awesome Background Effects with Particles.js

Here's how to create stunning, interactive, and customizable particles effects using Particles.js, an incredibly easy to master library.

Master Time Manipulation in JavaScript Using Moment.js

Instead of dealing with the standard, and cumbersome, methods of dealing with time in vanilla JavaScript, we're going to explore one of the most intuitive and simple libraries out there: Moment.js.

Introduction to the fs Module in Node.js

The fs module, being one of the most basic to understand and use in Node.js, is the perfect entry point for getting comfortable Node.js's core modules.

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