Jess Mitchell

Jess Mitchell

Jess is a software developer with a focus on the frontend. She’s most excited to discuss React, UX design, web accessibility, and all the things you can do with CSS.

Jess's Posts

Comparing CSS Pseudo-Classes: nth-child vs nth-of-type

Learn the the difference between the CSS pseudo-classes nth-child and nth-of-type. Examples of when to use each will be explored too.

CSS Hex Code Colors with Alpha Values

Learn how to use hex codes in CSS and change the transparency of the color by introducing an alpha value. An intro to hexadecimal numbers is included too.

Understanding Specificity in CSS

Learn the basics of specificity in CSS and why you should never need !important.

Change Text Case with CSS's text-transform Property

Learn how to update the case of your text with only CSS. We'll also look at when CSS text transformations are preferable to JavaScript's.

Drag and Drop Elements with interact.js

Learn how to create drag and drop items using interact.js, a light-weight JavaScript library. Customize your events to include inertia throwing, touch screen compatibility, and more.

Drag & Drop Elements with Vanilla JavaScript and HTML

Here's how to build JavaScript functions that utilize the native HTML Drag and Drop API.

A CSS-Only Click Handler Using the :target Pseudo-Class (No JavaScript)

Create a click handler to display content on your webpage or update styling with CSS only using the :target pseudo-class. (No JavaScript required!)

Improve Responsiveness with flex-wrap in CSS

Learn how to improve the responsiveness of your app's layout using flex-wrap or flex-flow. For anyone new to flexbox, there's a quick intro too!

CSS Basics: Using :hover and :active Pseudo-Classes

Get a quick intro on pseudo-classes and learn how to style elements in CSS with the :hover and :active pseudo-classes.

Making React Apps More Accessible

Learn some simple ways to make your React app more accessible. These tips will focus on common issues for React apps but can be applied to any framework.

CSS Units Explained

Learn all the options for CSS units and when to use them. Plus, you'll learn the difference between absolute and relative units.

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