Jack Misteli

Jack Misteli

I am recovering from international economic law by developing awesome tech for autonomypower.com.au. I like writing useless clever code for fun; and reusable, clean code for work. Building products from scratch is my passion. I write code in 6 different languages and speak human in 3 and a few halves languages.

Jack's Posts

How to use the BroadcastChannel API in JavaScript

An overview of the basic use cases and functionalities of the BroadcastChannel API to allow communication between windows/tabs/iframes of the same origin.

A Tour of the JavaScript Permissions API

How to manage all of your user permissions for web apps in one place using a new JavaScript API: the Permissions API.

V8's V8: Optional Chaining and Nullish Coalescing in JavaScript

An overview of how to use the V8 engine's optional chaining and nullish coalescing feature in JavaScript.

How to Get Started With the JavaScript Performance API

An overview of the JavaScript APIs available to monitor your website's performance in the wild.

Looking at All 13 JavaScript Proxy Traps

A collection of code snippets to show all 13 Javascript Proxy traps in action.

Exploring the indexOf Method for Strings and Arrays in JavaScript

An overview of how the indexOf() method works to find the position of a substring in a string or an item in an array in Javascript.

Internationalized Navigation Menu in Gatsby.js

In this quick post I show your how to use the JavaScript Internationalization API (Intl) to create a multilingual menu in a Gatsby website.

Creating a Multilingual Website with Gatsby & Cosmic JS

How to create a website with multiple language support using Gatsby.js and Cosmic JS with no localization plugin needed.

A Primer On the JavaScript Apply and Call Methods

With this article you'll understand the time and places to use apply and call methods in your functional JavaScript Code.

Exploring the JavaScript forEach Method for Looping Over Arrays

The ins, outs and common pitfalls of the forEach array method in JavaScript.

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