Alex Jover Morales

Alex Jover Morales

Passionate web developer. Instructor at Author of Test Vue.js components with Jest on Leanpub. I co-organize Alicante Frontend. Interested on web performance, PWA, the human side of code and wellness. Cat lover, sports practitioner and good friend of his friends. His bike goes with him.

Alex's Posts

Latest Changes in vue-test-utils

A brief summary of the changes that happened over the last months in the official vue-test-utils, so you can migrate safely to v1.

Building a blog with Gridsome: Listing All Posts and Pagination

Check out how to list all posts and add pagination to a blog built using Gridsome, the static site generator for Vue.js.

Building a blog with Gridsome: Creating the Blog

A getting started guide to Gridsome: the Gatsby alternative for Vue.js. You'll see how Gridsome is used to build a blazing fast static blogs/apps.

Use Native Icons in React Native

Use per-platform native icons in your React Native apps using react-native-vector-icons.

Custom Inputs in React Native

In this short post you'll learn how to build your own custom text input and select form elements in React Native.

Change Soft Input Mode in React Native Android

Check out how to control the behavior of the screen when the keyboard is opened in Android on a React Native app.

Easy Parallax Effect in Vue.js

A quick tip on creating a parallax effect in a Vue.js app using the vue-parallaxy component.

Vue.js Component Hooks as Events

If you're curious, take a look at this little trick to use hooks as events in Vue apps.

Add i18n Yourself in a React and Redux App

Learn how you can build a i18n module for React by from scratch without any external library dependencies.

Higher-Order Reducers in Redux

Check out what higher-order reducers are and how they can help you reuse some of your reducer logic with Redux.

Resetting Redux State with a Root Reducer

Learn about resetting your app's Redux state by centralizing it in one place using a wrapping root reducer.

Simple Authorization in React

Tutorial on how to build a simple role-based authorization mechanism yourself for a React app.

Loading Vuex Modules Dynamically

Here's how you can integrate Vuex modules dynamically into your Vue.js apps when specific components are created.

Compile Vue.js templates on the Fly with v-runtime-template

A brief guide on using v-runtime-template to render Vue templates on the fly, just like v-html does with plain HTML.

Communicating Between Recursive Components in Vue.js

Communication in-between recursive components goes across many levels. Learn how to cope with that in your Vue apps.

Creating a Recursive Tree Component in Vue.js

Here's a simple guide to learn how to create and use recursive components in Vue.js by creating a Tree component.

File Upload in Vue.js Using vue-dropzone

A brief introduction to adding a file upload UI with drag & drop capabilities to a Vue app using vue-dropzone.

Performant Lists and Tables in Vue.js with vue-virtual-scroller

Learn how to render a list or table that scrolls smoothly with thousands of data items using vue-virtual-scroller.

Creating a Vue.js File Reader Component Using the FileReader API

In this tutorial you'll learn how to use the FileReader API in order to load text from a file and how to style it in Vue.js

Progressive Image Rendering in Vue.js with v-lazy-image

Learn how easy is to apply a progressive rendering technique on images using the v-lazy-image component in a Vue.js app.

Using Preload and Prefetch in Your HTML to Load Assets

A quick overview on how to take advantage of the preload and prefetch HTML attributes in order to optimize the loading of assets.

Class Composition in JavaScript

Understand an alternative way to use JavaScript classes for composition instead of inheritance.

Lazy Image Component Using the Intersection Observer API in Vue.js

An example of using the Intersection Observer API to build a lazy loaded image component in Vue.js

Create Interactive Style Guides with vue-styleguidist

Learn how to setup vue-styleguist in order to create an interactive and beautiful style guide for your Vue.js components.

Using the New vue-cli 3 to Scaffold Vue.js Apps

A quick overview of some of the new features with vue-cli version 3 to help you setup zero configuration Vue.js apps.

Render Functional Components in Vue.js

Learn how to render functional components in Vue using either a template, JSX in an object or a JSX function.

Functional Components in Vue.js

Learn how to build and use functional components in Vue.js by creating a simple one yourself.

Create a Lazy Loaded Wizard in Vue.js

Learn how to create a wizard and lazy load its component parts using dynamic imports in Vue.

Passing Multiple Props to a Vue.js Component

Use v-bind or JSX to make it easy to pass multiple props to a component at once in Vue

Customize Poi in a Vue.js App

Use your custom HTML, env variables, folder structure and more in Poi by using either a poi.config.js config file or directly in your package.json file.

Scaffold a Vue.js app with Poi

Learn how easy it is to scaffold a Vue.js app using Poi, a tool that makes project setup and configuration a breeze.

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