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Interested in advertising your brand or product to’s audience? There are 2 primary ways to do so:

1. Sponsored Post

You can publish a sponsored post on the website, which will live on and gather continuous visibility. This can be done by ordering through Syndicate Ads and there’s an availability limit of 1 sponsored post per week:

2. Sponsored Email

Additionally, you can sponsor one of our weekly newsletters. The newsletter currently has 4200+ subscribers who are tech-savvy and into modern web development. Email sponsorship can be requested and ordered through the Paved platform here.

Other Advertising Opportunities

If you’re interested in other advertising avenues, like, for example, placing a banner at the bottom of each page, you can get in touch right here to initiate a discussion.

Please note that we will only accept requests for brands/products that we feel are reputable, high quality and that we feel would benefit our audience.

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